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We are closed on Friday.

Orders may take 1-3 days to ship.


Price increases effective July 1st available under downloads (must be logged in).

This includes Handiwall’s May price increases which we are putting into effect July 1st.


All colors and sizes of Handiwall are back to full stock.

The original Gray color is now back and shipping


Rapid changes in inventory and pricing can be expected.

Here is a tip: by placing an item in a job quote, the website will let you know when an item is back in stock, out of stock, or a price change occurs. You will receive a separate email for each change.
Job Quotes can be converted to orders with just a few clicks.


Welcome Organizing Dealers

If you’re in the organizing business and need a reliable source for quality products, you’ve come to the right place. We do not sell to the public.

To create a dealer log, click below. Once the application is completed you will receive an email with information to complete the log in process. As a dealer, you will then have access to all pricing, PDF copies of literature, and ability to order products.

If you are not an Organizing Dealer, feel free to take some time and browse through our catalog. If you would like some help in finding a dealer near you, please let us know by using the form or email us directly.

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