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Activity Organizer (Organized Living) price increase effective May 1st.
New pricing available under downloads (need to be logged in)

Second Handiwall price increase will happen after June 1st. A 5% increase is expected for both accessories and panels. New pricing is not yet available.

Welcome Organizing Dealers

If you’re in the organizing business and need a reliable source for quality products, you’ve come to the right place. We do not sell to the public.

To create a dealer log, click below. Once the application is completed you will receive an email with information to complete the log in process. As a dealer, you will then have access to all pricing, PDF copies of literature, and ability to order products.

If you are not an Organizing Dealer, feel free to take some time and browse through our catalog. If you would like some help in finding a dealer near you, please let us know by using the form or email us directly.

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