SlatWall Accessories Direct is an online portal that will help you provide service after the sale to your customers.

You will want to request a dealer code (coupon code) if you do not have one. Dealer codes can be requested through email or by sending a message through the “Contact” page.

Your customer receives a discount for using your dealer code. This code tells us to credit back a percentage of the retail sale to your Organize Today Account; credits are automatically consumed prior to charging your next order with Organize Today.

Most end-users prefer to shop online, especially with the large selection of accessories available to them. If you install 3″ standard slatwall products, all the accessories on this website will work.

Catalogs and cards are available under the literature tab and can be ordered with your next order. These items will make it easy to communicate this process to your customers.

For more information, please contact us. Information on this process is also provided in the dealer literature packs that we provide once a year.

David Allis
Organize Today

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