Popbox Jumbo

Our biggest and best Slatbox – the Popbox Jumbo. A great “tub” for holding large items in retail, a garage, closets, even a mudroom.  This slatwall accessory is so versatile, you can use in on any manufacturers’ slatwall but also sitting on your shelves, in the back of your work truck or the back of your car. Slatbox products are made of sturdy polypropylene, and that makes this jumbo bin a workhorse among all the slatwall accessories.

Size: 13-5/8″l x 22-1/4″w x 7″h.

Working Load Limit: 55 lbs.

Case discounts to be applied at time of invoicing:
Half case of 6, 18% discount
Full case of 12, 25% discount

Slatbox P/N: 01-240-

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