Heavy Duty storeWALL, 4'
Heavy Duty storeWALL, 4'Heavy Duty storeWALL, 4'Heavy Duty storeWALL, 4'Heavy Duty storeWALL, 4'

15″ Heavy Duty storeWALL, 4′

The original Heavy Duty wall panel for storage and organization.

Solid core – the color is throughout the panel. No coatings, paints or laminates to damage. Nearly 3/4″ thick industrial dense polymer can take plenty of abuse. Use dowel pilot holes for extra strength on butt joints.

5 square ft per panel/ 30 square ft per carton.
48″L x 15″H x 11/16″ Thick per panel, 6 panels per carton.

4′ panels can be shipped Fedex ground.

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Price is for a box of 6 panels